Denise “Baby Girl” Markham is an entrepreneur, trendsetter, role model and public figure. Baby Girl has been riding for 30+ years. As a teenager, Denise was a bit of a tomboy and fell in love with motorcycling. She began riding dirt bikes, ATVs, then later moved on to sport bikes and now her Custom Cruiser. She is an extremely dedicated, avid and active motorcycle enthusiast. Baby Girl joined the motorcycle scene in 2003 as a well-known member of, Queens Together Motorcycle Club, Queens Together is a Non-Profit organization comprised of female motorcyclist. She would use her contacts, influence and friendships with Rickey Gadson (11x Professional World Champion Drag Race) and Stuntman, Jason Britton (No Limit Motorsports) to produce bike shows and rallies in downtown Raleigh.

Baby Girl does not just ride motorcycles, produce great stunt shows and fellowship with her fellow riders. She is also very passionate about helping others in need. Her passion led to years of philanthropic and charitable efforts with a local North Carolina shelter for victims of Domestic Violence, opening a Mental Health agency and therapeutic group homes for teen girls.

In 2013, Baby Girl moved from North Carolina to Florida where continues meeting new people, making new friends and contacts in this motorcycle industry. She has made quite a name for herself in Florida. In 2015, Baby Girl teamed up with Kory Souza Originals (KSO) to customize her 2009 Harley Davidson Ultra Classic into a Road Glide with a 30″ floating wheel named Big Baby. After winning several awards, Big Baby went back into the KSO shop and Kory remixed her into a her current eye catchy color scheme and design. Her custom motorcycle, charismatic personality, approachable demeanor, generous spirit and knowledge of motorcycles has quickly made her a fan favorite in the motorcycle community, where she has amassed a huge following.

Big Wheel Women

You don’t need a Big Wheel…to be a part of this Big Deal!

Baby Girl met Tanisha “Thee Boujee One” Moultrie at the NC All Female Ride bin 2017. The two women shared a love of motorcycles and Big Wheels. The Custom Bike enthusiast formed a kinship. They traveled together to Custom Bike Shows in 2018 with Big Baby and Boujee, Tanisha’s custom 2012 32″ Street Glide. During a live video on her Facebook page in April 2018, Baby Girl called the pair “Big Wheel Women.” Neither of the women knew what that would mean to so many in the months to come. They are currently documenting all the challenges, accomplishments, setbacks and breakthroughs women like themselves encounter. Follow them as they prepare to embark on their Dream Big Tour and the Ride to the 79th Sturgis. Empowering women and other women riders to not give up and follow their dreams!

Women in motorcycling has grown in popularity and acceptance, which is reflected in the survey. It found that “66 percent of women motorcycle owners say their family and friends would have a positive attitude toward motorcycles and scooters.” According to this latest national survey by the Motorcycle Industry Council (MIC) in 2018, the number of women motorcycle riders saw a increase to 19%. The survey revealed that one in every five motorcycle owners is now a female. This compared with the findings of one in every ten motorcyclist less than a decade ago. MIC suggests that women could possibly make up one quarter of owners in the coming years. Creating what would be a major shift in motorcycling demographics.

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Ownership by Gender*
Male Owners – 81 percent
Female Owners – 19 percent
Year Median Age College Graduate Median Income Women Owners
2018 50 24 percent $62,500 19%
2014 47 20 percent $62,200 14%
2012 45 17 percent $64,100 12%
*The MIC polled 2,472 adults nationwide for the 2018 Motorcycle/ATV Owner Survey.. http://www.mic.org

You don’t need a Big Wheel… to be a part of this Big Deal!
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